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Call Of Duty: Black Ops

I’m not a big online gamer (by that I mean I don’t play games online)

I used to play on Counterstrike for the PC about 8 years ago… And I was quite good, had a clan and everything.

But on Consoles I have to play on easy as I find it harder to aim with a Joy Pad than a Mouse. So on easy I can usually play the single player FPS games on consoles, and enjoy them – until I get to a point where even on easy, it’s too hard for me.

So Traditionally speaking, I’ve stuck to Racing games & Football Games. I decided to buy Black Ops for PS3, to do the Single Player Campaign mode, because It looked awesome. I was curious to see if I would be any better at First Person Shooters now. I impressed myself, I was pretty good. I spent an hour a night on the game for just over a week and I completed it.

I like lots of aspects of the game, one of the great things is you can be playing away then see a helicopter and think, I’d like to fly that – then you find you are. Then in other levels you can be driving a boat through rivers in Vietnam or a Jeep through Russia. Or a Spyplane… somewhere else.

I really enjoyed it because you become really engrosed in the game, you don’t want to skip the cut scenes and get back to the action. You feel like you are playing a film. I figured, because I completed the game in 10 hours that must mean I’m amazing at FPS games and could now play online with other Professionals like me.

Yep… Died in the Dummy Training levels strait away so Sold the game for £30. I got 10 hours of entertainment for £10 which is about what it costs for a new DVD, which I’d be watching and thinking – this isn’t as good as bluray.

Let It Snow

It was very cold last night, the car was frozen up by about 8pm but the sky was clear so I figured we’d just be in for a bitter one.

I woke up about 3am, looked out the window and found that my Garden was blanketed with snow. Little Thumper was snuggled up in her hutch in the mound of Straw and Sawdust (she has a whole bag of each, otherwise she just kicks it all out)

New stuff is I no longer have my MacBook, I sold this on ebay and got a good price for it. I still have my iPhone 4 but I’m contemplating getting rid of it and getting a new Android phone – then I’ll be back to no apple stuff after a 4 year stint at buying everything Jobsy wants me to.

Looking back, I have had quite a bit of their gear – but it’s an expensive game and I’m starting to get a bit fed up with it. (Although their Operating system is far better than Windows)

It started with a Mac Mini, Then I got my first iPhone
Then this wasn’t enough so I sold it and bought an 8-core Mac Pro

Then I bought Apple TV, and about £100 worth of iTunes purchases – then the Novelty wore off and I just ripped Films to my Apple TV
Then I upgraded to an iPhone 3G and later in the year I bought a MacBook
Then I stopped using the Mac Pro, so built a Quad Core Windows PC for my Music Production and sold the Mac Pro…

…Then I stopped living with my Mum and dad and had to start paying for things other Adults have to pay for, like Food, Gas, Council Tax, Rent, etc.

Then I upgraded to the 3GS
About 6 months later the iPhone 4 was announced so I had to upgrade to that, when given the upgrade opportunity by o2.
I found I was hardly using my MacBook (only for work, occasionally) so I sold that.

I still have the iPhone 4 though – for now.

I’m getting more into my other gadgets now and I’ve started using them more. The PS3 streaming is working well as is Sage TV. There is a new Sage TV box out which supports DTS-HD audio but I’ll be good.

The Station of Play

What’s new? Well my Xbox decided to lock up half way through a big race on Forza 2 the weekend before last, out of sheer annoyance I went out and bought a Sony Playstation 3. I felt the need.

I now have GT5 Prologue, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, GRID and Grand Theft Auto 4. I am really impressed with the console. I am using EyeConnect to stream all my media from my Mac Pro to my TV (at least I was…)

I’ve just moved my Mac Pro next to my TV, it’s now plugged using an Optical Audio lead and a decent quality HDMI lead. The PS3 is all opticalled up into my Marantz cinema amp aswell, as is the TV. It’s all digital interconnectivity which I feel is only fitting for the 21st century.

I bought my first Blueray DVD yesterday and watched it last night, RAMBO! Brilliant film and awesome in HD. I spoke to Chris from work who advised that Rambo was a good first choice as it’s a really good Demo of HD Films.

I’ve even started using iTunes to buy films, I bought Drillbit Taylor on Saturday and watched that. I have US iTunes account now for purchases. It means I can get stuff cheaper and sooner. (iTunes US for the Win!)

We are getting more interest in JDM LIFE now. We are looking at changing certain aspects and now have 3 dedicated Administrators. We are currently looking into ways to develop JDM Nights. The cars are all stickered up with the JDMLIFE vinyl cuts and people are starting to hear about it. Hopefully it’ll kick off soon.

Google is my next target, we easily got knocked off the top spot by Dave and his blog, just to prove a point. I think I annoyed him by having JDM Alloy Wheels, when some of his customers could do with that domain.