Modified Nationals This Weekend

Well a week has passed since I was very tired and I’m completely recovered now.

To be fair i’ve been recovered all week. My boss hasn’t been here so I’ve been doing more than I normally would have to. The Directors have been looking after me though so all in all hasn’t been as stressful as I thought it would be.

Mum and Dad have been in Turkey all so Dave’s been pretty much living here. Our house should be sorted in a couple of weeks.

We’ve been eating stir fry, fresh pasta, etc so not unhealthy. What’s more, even been cleaning up! woo.

The Type-R back seats are being dropped tommorow, everything took out… Refilled with Matresses, tents, sleeping bags, duvets, beer and burgers. I am planning on having a properly comfortable weekend wile everybody else gets soggy and cold!

Randomly been on Zoosk aswell on Facebook. It’s creepy because it’s actually online dating but it’s not packaged like that and everybody just seems to sign up to it. It’s a mint way to flirt with loads of slappers from around this end. Me, Dave and James had a Zoosk session the other night just randomly ‘winking’ at birds between the ages of 20 and 35. It seems to be the older girls who reply.


No Sleep for 40 Hours

Well, the bank holiday weekend went ok. We had lots to drink each day, as planned. After 2 days at work after the bank holiday monday, I went off to Turkey with Mark and his Parents to their house in Kusadasi.

We made quite a lot of friends on holiday with Turkish residents and one almost sworn enemy – ha. I haven’t got much of a Tan as I was under cover chilling on the patio most of the holiday. I tried Calamaris (which is nice) and discovered the best lager is infact Efes. I also tried Sheeps brains but that was pretty, damn, discusting.

I had to fly back by myself as mark and family are staying for two weeks. I had it all planned out that i’d have 3 hours sleep on the plane and 3 hours when I got home. The flight was delayed by 4 hours and I had to have lots of caffine to keep me awake so I didn’t miss the flight. I couldn’t sleep on the plane due to caffine and I got home at 7am. I had to go into work 1 hour later and did a 8 hour shift!

Friday night I slept from 9 till 9. (I managed to fit my 4GB of ram to my Mac pro aswell so I now have 6GB for browsing the internet!)

Yesterday I got a bunch of Ingredients for Turkish food like Yoghart, Dill, Lamb. We also got some Efes then when I got home I had another 3 hours sleep. I then picked up Dave and James and had BBQ chicken, Lamb Koftas and Sausages. We drunk some Efes, watched some Jimmy carr and drunk a couple of bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne (random).

At least the weather is out today so I feel that maybe I will need to wash my car.

Mark and Myself on Holiday

Bank Holiday Weekend

I am ready for this weekend after this week. It’s finally here. Mine and Dave’s plans for lager abuse can finally come true.

Tonight at the Ranger. Tommorow morning consists of hair cut, clothes shopping and money converting. Afternoon consists of having an all dayer. Sunday – unsure, probably a few pints. Monday is the day for recovery.

I love bank holidays.

High Contrast

I’ve been fighting with SQL server replication for the past two days trying to get it working. I got it all working one way but not the way I need it to work. All I can do is keep on trying… I know it’s possible – It just depends on how large a rock I throw at it.

We’ve spoken to the guy who’s renting the house, he estimates it should be ready within the next 4 weeks. At least I have a holiday in between to break up the time. When I get back from holiday, in theory, there should only be two weeks before I move out.

Dave, Mark and I, went to the Rushley last night – was a good laugh despite me not drinking… It basically consisted of us all ripping each other. It was all going OK until Dave shouts (just as 2 lasses and a lad get up out their seats)… What’s this 1960s looking peice of Jaguar s**t rolling up into the car park? One of the Girls smurked, the other didn’t look too impressed… 1 Minute later, they are outside by the car getting in (It was her dad – haha!) – FOOT IN IT!

Roll on another weekend of beer soon!

New Blog, New Life

I haven’t blogged for a while, I need to look at copying over all my old posts from my last blog system.

If you can remember my last post about a month ago, I had done around 1,500 miles in my new Civic Type-R GT.

I’ve now done about 3,500 miles. But what else has changed?

Well, back then I’d just finished ‘The Pimp Room’… Now I’m moving out, I’m renting a place with Dave Hartshorne. Initially we wanted a new place in Berry Hill, we’ve since seen bigger places with loads of room and stuff. There was a 3 bedroom Detatched in Forest town but the land lord hasn’t even bought it yet so it could be a few weeks before that is ready… or longer.

The latest place is in Pleasley but up a lane so isn’t too bad. Dave used to rent the same place a while back, I can remember going round and getting rather merry and watching James being sick in a pot hole outside 🙂

It’s an old house with thick walls but modern central heating, windows, etc. It’s a 3 bedroom semi-detatched. We want a 3 bedroom so the 3rd room can have the decks, etc in. (Front room means music isn’t an issue – woohoo!)

It has a new kitchen and bathroom with a jew-coozi! Woohoo. Oh and a garage is being built which should be big enough for about 1.5 cars so the Type-R will fit in nicely (or Dave’s skyline to be) Or our random joint project car which needs to happen. A Stripped out, slammed, drift weapon – Or something!

What else? I go on holiday to Turkey a week on Thursday, with Mark, to his parent’s house. Should be a good laugh, I’m just going for a week – looking to time in the moving in for the weekend I get back – OUCHSUM!

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