HPI Flux Vapour ESC

It has Reverse!

I’m just posting this because I bought a HPI Flux Vapour (NOT PRO) waterproof Electronic Speed Controller for Sensorless Brushless Motors.

I forgot to check if it had Reverse Function as I bought it for an Axial Wraith and was just fixated on he waterproof part.

I was thinking about it this morning in bed, as you do. It would be a rubbish off-road vehicle having no reverse as you would have to keep going and manually moving it if you can’t crawl up something.

As with many things in the RC world I couldn’t find the answer even on the manufacturer website. I could only find that the Pro version had Reverse.

I went and tested in the end and it DOES have reverse. Yay!

Boring post I know but it may help someone else in future before buying one / when researching.
Will feedback how it performs when I get the car finished.

One thought on “HPI Flux Vapour ESC”

  1. Works Great! It’s been fully submerged a few times, including once when the current of a stream took the Wraith on a little journey on its side 🙂 – would recommend.

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