Call Of Duty: Black Ops

I’m not a big online gamer (by that I mean I don’t play games online)

I used to play on Counterstrike for the PC about 8 years ago… And I was quite good, had a clan and everything.

But on Consoles I have to play on easy as I find it harder to aim with a Joy Pad than a Mouse. So on easy I can usually play the single player FPS games on consoles, and enjoy them – until I get to a point where even on easy, it’s too hard for me.

So Traditionally speaking, I’ve stuck to Racing games & Football Games. I decided to buy Black Ops for PS3, to do the Single Player Campaign mode, because It looked awesome. I was curious to see if I would be any better at First Person Shooters now. I impressed myself, I was pretty good. I spent an hour a night on the game for just over a week and I completed it.

I like lots of aspects of the game, one of the great things is you can be playing away then see a helicopter and think, I’d like to fly that – then you find you are. Then in other levels you can be driving a boat through rivers in Vietnam or a Jeep through Russia. Or a Spyplane… somewhere else.

I really enjoyed it because you become really engrosed in the game, you don’t want to skip the cut scenes and get back to the action. You feel like you are playing a film. I figured, because I completed the game in 10 hours that must mean I’m amazing at FPS games and could now play online with other Professionals like me.

Yep… Died in the Dummy Training levels strait away so Sold the game for £30. I got 10 hours of entertainment for £10 which is about what it costs for a new DVD, which I’d be watching and thinking – this isn’t as good as bluray.

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